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Sérgio Ferreira, founder and CEO of Coporgest, was interviewed by Idealist/news

“We’re entering a new era in which the luxury residential supply in Lisbon will exceed demand.”

Coporgest started building at the “worst possible time”, at the start of the financial crisis, but it didn’t experience any problems in selling or financing projects. Coporgest has invested around 260 million in the residential market in Lisbon since it started activity in 2004, and has no doubt that will be able to “withstand well times of crisis”. The words are those of Sérgio Ferreira, founder and CEO of the luxury real estate developer, who, despite the success, is not led by illusions. In an interview with idealist/news, he talks about the good results, but also about the “uncertainty in the air”, of the “unpredictable” global economy, pointing out “serious doubts” that the demand can be maintained at levels capable of “absorbing so much product”.

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